What Does FF Mean?

An abbreviation that is widely used in texting and chat, and on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and elsewhere on the internet, but what does FF mean in slang?

what does ff mean

Most Common FF Meaning

FF stands for Follow Friday.

Using FF

#FF is used on Fridays on social media, to recommend other users to your followers.


She makes me laugh every single day, follow @JenOnTheBathroomFloor today! #FF.

Alternative FF Meaning

Fan Fiction.

What Does FF Mean?

Follow Friday.

Related Slang Terms

F4FFollow For Follow.
L4LLike For Like.
LBLike Back.
LMSLike My Status.
FBFFlashback Friday.
MCMMan Crush Monday.
SSSelfie Sunday.
TBTThrowback Thursday.
TGIFThank God It’s Friday.
WCMWoman Crush Monday.
WCWWoman Crush Wednesday.