What Does POTD Mean?

An abbreviation that is widely used on Instagram and elsewhere on the internet, but what does POTD mean in slang?

what does potd mean

Most Common POTD Meaning

POTD stands for Photo Of The Day.

Using POTD

POTD is used to indicate that you are sharing your favorite photograph of the day.


I caught Kitty stealing my breakfast leftovers this morning #potd.

Alternative POTD Meanings

Picture Of The Day.
Poll Of The Day.

What Does POTD Mean?

Photo Of The Day.

Related Slang Terms

FoodpornThe glamorized visual presentation of food.
#InstagoodA very good photograph.
KOTDKicks Of The Day.
#LatergramPosted at a later time.
#NoFilterNo filters were used to enhance an accompanying photograph.
OOTDOutfit Of The Day.
QOTDQuote Of The Day.